NightHawk Pursuit Termination Technology

Pursuit Termination Technology (PTT) Increases Checkpoint Effectiveness

NightHawk PTT deployed at United States Border Patrol (USBP). Remote activation increases checkpoint cost-efficiency, safety, and capability.

USBP Agents tout the versatility and ease of deployment of the NightHawk PTT as a Vehicle Immobilization Device (VID). 

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Checkpoint installation

USBP set up the NightHawk PTT system at the State Route 94 Border Patrol Checkpoint located in Jamul, California. The NightHawk PTT, positioned approximately 40 feet away from the primary inspection area is safely, silently and remotely deployed in cases where Vehicle Immobilization and Pursuit Termination actions are required.

Safely stop the chase before it starts

15 November 2019 approximately 11:50 am, a black SUV attempted to abscond from the USBP Immigration Checkpoint. Agents remotely deployed the NightHawk  Vehicle Immobilization Device and successfully disabled the fleeing vehicle.  With tires deflating before the vehicle could accelerate to higher speeds, the SUV managed to travel a quarter mile where the occupants abandoned the vehicle and attempted to flee on foot.

Successful capture

Agents arrested the driver and two unauthorized persons.  An inspection of the SUV revealed that both passenger side tires had been affected by the system, the driver of SUV had attempted to avoid the VID by swerving, but was unsuccessful.

The case was accepted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for criminal prosecution of Alien Smuggling, a Federal Felony.

“Without a doubt, the successful deployment led to the apprehension of the subjects.  The NightHawk also prevented a high speed pursuit, which posed a risk to the motoring public and the Agents involved”, said Shift Watch Commander Juan Rodriguez of the Brown Field Border Patrol Station, located in San Diego, California.

VERSATILE – Use for pursuit termination, wrong way drivers, temporary/ permanent checkpoints, site security, access control/ restriction.
SAFE & COVERT – Wireless remote deployment ensures flexibility in securing a safe distance  and position from fleeing vehicles. System may be placed in position unseen by target vehicle.
COST-EFFECTIVE – Reloadable system expands law enforcement capabilities without requiring additional personnel.

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