NightHawk High-Speed Pursuit Termination Technology

 Facilitating coordination – Tennesee Law Enforcement successfully utilize NightHawk to provide inter-agency mutual aid


Safe Termination of a High Speed Pursuit

October 2019, Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) attempted to stop an uncooperative DUI suspect and a pursuit ensued. The subject was driving in excess of 90 mph and was showing extreme disregard for the safety of others on the roadway.  Recognizing the danger, THP requested assistance from the Blount County Sheriff’s Office to utilize the remotely activated NightHawk Pursuit Termination Technology system to safely deploy spike strips ahead of the subject vehicle and remove them from the roadway after engagement so that THP pursuit vehicles could safely pass.

Cpl. Christopher Carter from Blount County Sheriff’s Office was able to establish a position in front of the pursuit and deploy his Nighthawk System. The remote deployment was very safe for the officer and resulted in a very successful engagement with the two passenger side tires of the suspect vehicle being deflated by the spikes. The suspect continued at a much lower speed (approximately 25mph), for approximately 1/4 mile. The suspect vehicle stopped without the use of additional force.

The result? Another safe stop with no injuries. 

“I have no doubt that the outcome would have been much different without the use of the Nighthawk System. Due to the speed and actions exhibited by the suspect, it would have taken substantially more force to effect the stop.” said Cpl. Carter. The NightHawk system effectively stopped the danger to the Officers and the general public.

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